Benefitting from 20-plus years of continuous incremental innovation, Airbus’ A330-200 is one of the most modern and reliable aircraft in the sky.



Overall length58.82 m
Cabin length45.00 m
Fuselage width5.64 m
Max cabin width5.26 m
Wing span (geometric)64.00 m
Height17.39 m
Track10.68 m
Wheelbase22.18 m


Pax Max seating406
Typical seating 220-260
Cargo LD3 capacity underfloor27
Max pallet number underfloor8+3 LD3
Water volume178 m³


Range15 094 km
Max ramp weight251.90 tonnes
Max take-off weight251.00 tonnes
Max landing weight186.00 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight176.00 tonnes
Max fuel capacity139 090 litres


Overall length193 ft 0 in
Cabin length147 ft 8 in
Fuselage width18 ft 6 in
Max cabin width17 ft 3 in
Wing span (geometric)210 ft 0 in
Height57 ft 1 in
Track35 ft 1 in
Wheelbase72 ft 10 in


Pax Max seating406
Typical seating 220-260
Cargo LD3 capacity underfloor27
Max pallet number underfloor8+3 LD3
Water volume6 301 ft³


Range8 150 nm
Max ramp weight555.40 lb x 1000
Max take-off weight533.40 lb x 1000
Max landing weight410.05 lb x 1000
Max zero fuel weight388.00 lb x 1000
Max fuel capacity36 750 USG



Reliability and flexibility

Typically carrying between 210 and 250 passengers in its 222-inch-wide twin-aisle fuselage, the A330-200 can be configured with as many as 406 seats in higher-density layouts – providing a capacity solutions for operations on routes up to 7,250nm.

The A330-200’s seat pitch is adaptable in units of one inch, while galleys, lavatories and stowage areas can be arranged in different groupings and locations – resulting in excellent versatility for operators.  

On longer-range journeys, the aircraft is able to accommodate  comfortable crew rest areas that can be removed in approximately 50 minutes should an airline wish to optimise the cabin interior for shorter routes. When installed, these rest areas contain up to seven bunks and do not impact the cabin space for passengers.

A330 cabin

Keeping connected in flight

The A330-200 is configurable with the most modern fourth-generation in-flight entertainment, including video-on-demand, as well as mobile telephone and e-mail connectivity via satellite.

Passengers can settle in with movies of their choice and stay in touch with what’s happening on the ground below, providing a tailored experience that suits everyone – from children to adults, and holiday-goers to business travellers


A well-earned reputation for dependability

The A330-200’s commonality with fellow members of the A330 Family and other Airbus in-production aircraft generates efficiency savings through training and maintenance. Like all Airbus jetliners, it uses the revolutionary fly-by-wire digital controls. 

With an in-service operational efficiency of 99.4%, it’s no wonder that airlines trust the quality of the A330-200’s design. 

Additionally, the aircraft is an ideal complement to Airbus’ top-of-the-line widebody A350, especially the A350-900 which offers around 80 additional seats in typical 3-class configurations.


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