• New welcome and hero light elevating passenger experience and airline differentiation
  • Up to 100kg weight savings with new lining for sidewall panels, ceiling and door frames
  • Electro-dimmable windows in business class for adjustable ambience

As part of the A330neo’s continuous development to enhance its value and passenger appeal well into the future, Airbus will introduce new enhancements to its Airspace cabin.

A330neo enhanced Airspace cabin

Airbus has revealed for the first time a special A330neo full-size mockup at the Aircraft Interiors eXpo (AIX), showing proposed new Airspace cabin features. These include a new Hero Light and Welcome Panel, new linings for the interior sidewall, ceiling and door frame panels, as well as electro-dimmable windows (EDWs). These new features would become available for customers from 2027/2028. 

While elevating the overall passenger experience it also drives consistency and synergies with the larger A350, the combination of these elements will contribute to weight savings totalling approximately 100 kg throughout the aircraft – equivalent to around 10 carry-on bags.


New Airspace Welcome Panel and customisable Hero Light in business class

The enhanced ceiling lighting at Doors-2 called Airspace Welcome Panel, featuring the Airspace stencil pattern, will be standard in all new A330neos to be delivered from Q1 2026. Furthermore, Airbus will offer as an option the possibility for airlines to customise it.

A330neo new Airspace Welcome Panel

Meanwhile, a new Airspace Hero Light will be introduced as a premium option for the A330neo in 2027. This will be a key differentiation opportunity for an airline in the Doors-1 to Doors-2 area, being customisable with 16 million colours and a unique pattern. It is typically the business class section where there is no middle set of overhead bins attached to the ceiling as the Airspace lateral bins provide sufficient storage capacity.

Overall, these customisable visual design elements are the first of its kind in a widebody aircraft consistent with the Airspace cross program DNA, as most recently introduced also for the A320 Family.


New Airspace lining elements for sidewall, ceiling panel and door frame

The new sidewall will have the design language consistent with A350 and A320 Families Airspace cabins. Passengers will also benefit from additional comfort since the new sidewalls offer 5 mm extra shoulder clearance at every window seat, as well as 50 mm more foot-space – thanks to the re-profiled dado panel at the floor level. Overall, the new sidewall and dado panels industrial solution would save approximately 85 kg throughout the aircraft according to Airbus engineering estimates.

Meanwhile, the new matching ceiling panels are also lighter than the previous design – contributing to an additional 10 kg weight saving throughout the cabin.

Both the updated ceiling and sidewall offer a more seamless and smoother overall appearance compared with the previous design, and could also become available for retrofit on in-service A330 Family aircraft.

The new door-frame lining is being introduced in parallel. Its design simplifies installation and replacement by reducing the number of parts, whilst contributing to an additional 5 kg of weight savings. The new lining also enhances the aesthetic appearance around the door thanks to its refined geometry.

A330neo new Electro-Dimmable Windows


Electro-dimmable window option for A330neo in Doors-1 to Doors-2 area

The other option in the A330neo, which is currently offered in the A350, would be Gentex’s electro-dimmable windows (EDWs). These latest generation of EDWs are seamlessly adjustable, darken quickly and can effectively block more than 99.999% of visible light as well as the infra-red energy from the sun. Installation of the A330neos’ new sidewall panel will allow easy clip-in replacement or interchangeability between the electro-mechanical shade and the EDW parts. 


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The new A330neo Airspace cabin interior features