Unlock the full potential of aviation data. Skywise emphasises smart, insightful, AI-driven analytics.

With Skywise you can interact with your data intuitively using pre-built workflows designed to improve your operational efficiency, preventing delays, and reducing risks of AOGs. Then, benchmark your fleet against the rest of the Skywise ecosystem with reliability dashboards so you're always informed about your performance. Finally, learn from Airbus post-flight reports and decoded sensor data. Conduct routine safety checks faster and more thoroughly.




A glimpse into the future

Join 17,000+ users who love to use our product because it helps them get tasks out of the way quicker.






Plan the unpredictable

Prioritise, handle and analyse in-service events, improve reactivity, efficiency and decision-making for an optimised dispatch.





Reliable by essence

Save time by getting access to the right first time solution, and easily assess solution effectiveness.


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Skywise Core

Improve reliability. Support safety. Decrease costs. Reach new heights with data-driven decisions.


Skywise Digital Solutions

A wide range of solutions packed with Airbus expertise

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Skywise Store & Apps

Airbus incredible Apps at your fingertips

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Skywise Certified Partners

The programme is dedicated to everyone in the aerospace ecosystem who wants to make the best possible use of data.

Our Skywise Certified Partners benefit from dedicated training and certification so that they can develop more robust, richer applications within Skywise on behalf of airlines.

Want to know more about the Skywise Certified Partners programme?

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Skywise Academy

The learning ecosystem designed to help users make the most of the Skywise platform

It’s a combination of resources and practical examples along with expert trainers, geared towards ensuring your airline makes proper data-driven decisions with users going straight to the (data) point. 

Skywise Academy includes:

  • Classrooms
  • Self learning
  • Webinars

Want to find your next Virtual Classroom session or discover more? 


Engage with the world's most powerful aviation platform

Improve reliability. Support safety. Decrease costs. Reach new heights with data-driven decisions.

Latest News

ITA Airways chooses Skywise Health Monitoring
ITA Airways, Italy’s new national carrier, has decided to adopt Skywise Health Monitoring (SHM) as its future fleet performance tool. The agreement covers over more than 60 aircraft.
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In-flight health monitoring
What if you could get a heads-up on the maintenance status of an aircraft before it even landed? This is where health monitoring plays a key role.
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SAS Scandinavian Airlines chooses Digital Alliance’s Skywise Predictive Maintenance solution for its A320 Family fleet
The Digital Alliance has welcomed SAS Scandinavian Airlines as its first customer for its Skywise Predictive Maintenance (SPM) solution. The new solution chosen by the airline is called “SPM Alliance” and will enhance the operations of its A320 Family fleet of around 70 aircraft.
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