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Start your pilot career with Airbus

Your Airbus boarding pass to the future!

Jump on board to live a challenging & unique experience. Embrace the world of aviation through the front door, the door of excellence.

Guided by passionate experts, benefit from a supportive environment and innovative teaching techniques for the highest quality training.

More pilots will be required to operate the future aviation demands: you could be one of them!

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New course in France - October 2024

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New course in Mexico - Coming soon

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What is the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme?

Nurturing the future generation of captains to become airline leaders for a safe and sustainable aviation

More than just getting a licence, the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme is a philosophy, a mindset, aimed at progressively acquiring key pilot technical and behavioural skills that airlines expect from their pilots.

Providing the initial (ab-initio) phases allows us to accompany future airline pilots from the beginning throughout their flight training path, to obtain a commercial pilot’s license as well as to become type-rated later on.

We build aircraft. We train pilots to operate them while placing individuals at the heart.

Training Programmes to fit your needs

Airbus Flight Academy - new cadet path: from screening, to ab initio training, JOC/MCC, type rating, including Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License. Initial training phase developed with ENAC. European Aviation Safety Agency approved course.
Airbus Flight Academy cadets in classroom

Integrated ATPL

Opt for excellence, embrace Airbus from Day 1

  • Fully Competency-Based Training & Assessment programme 
  • Latest optimised training techniques from Day 1
  • Focus on individual competencies, technical & soft skills 
  • Progressive training path & adapted sequencing
  • Dynamic & experienced Airbus Flight Academy network 
  • Airbus Aviation Experience, Cadet Code, Alumni
  • Personalised accompaniment all along the way
  • Customised up-to-date solutions
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Intermediate courses

Ensure a complete preparation for your future airline pilot position. Commercial jet handling familiarisation and multi-crew co-operations training to prepare for your Type Rating on a multi-crew jet engine aircraft.

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Type Rating

Discover the Airbus Advanced Training solutions

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Modular Courses

A full-time programme does not fit with your activities? Build an airline pilot career via a different route with your preferred financial solutions.

Thanks to a full range of flight training solutions and a growing network of standardised flight schools, we can provide training courses in a segmented way as per your own personal circumstances while taking into account previous licences or endorsements you may already have.  

  • PPL: Private Pilot Licence
  • CPL (A): Commercial Pilot Licence 
  • Advanced-UPRT: Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
  • CRI (SEP/MEP): Class Rating Instructor
  • Class Rating MEP (Multi Engine Piston)
  • F (A): Flight Instructor
  • Formation PBN: Performance Based Navigation
  • IR(A) - ME/SE: Instrument Rating - Multi-Engine / Single-Engine
  • Optional licence conversion courses


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