Airbus is welcoming a new member of its aircraft Family to S. Health Monitoring (S.HM). S.HM is now available for the A220, meaning the cloud-based digital solution is present on every member of the Airbus commercial aircraft Family and showcasing the full capability of Skywise.

S.HM identifies and transmits system fault messages while the aircraft is in flight, thanks to the live data provided by Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) link. This allows carriers to manage in-flight events in real-time, leading to enhanced unscheduled maintenance planning and prioritization, as well as increased efficiency in terms of lead time and costs. 

Claude Houver, Head of Digital Solutions, Airbus Services underlines: “Having S.HM covering all the Airbus aircraft Family is key for our customers, as it offers them a single health monitoring solution for their complete Airbus fleet.

S. Health Monitoring was born in 2019 with the arrival of the Skywise digital platform. With more than 110 customers and over 20 years of offering health monitoring solutions to airlines, Airbus keeps demonstrating its leading position in this domain.


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