Cabin Dry Session

Cabin Training

Our commitment is to support worldwide fleet growth with customised training services, offering uncompromised quality on your doorstep. No one is better placed than Airbus Services to assist in establishing the cabin crewing competences required for a safe and comfortable in-flight experience with your Airbus aircraft.

Enhanced knowledge of Airbus aircraft and cabin systems leads to cabin crews’ optimum service on-board and passengers’ full satisfaction. With an outstanding “Learning by doing” approach, training attendees can optimise their learning time and adapt teaching rhythm to their needs. From classroom to eLearning, benefit from Airbus multi-qualified and experienced cabin crew instructors and latest learning software

Cabin Crew Training and Solutions

Cabin Training Courses

Following industry standards, safety & training recommendations to provide airlines with enhanced knowledge of Airbus aircraft and cabin systems.

An instructor in a cabin training session presenting the handset trainer

Virtual Tools & Solutions

Virtual Tools & Solutions are designed to provide “hands-on” practical training and to enhance the learning process


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