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A320 Neo Landing
Satellite-based landing system
Thanks to global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) including GPS, aircraft navigation has significantly evolved over the past 25 years. Even if *ILS (Instrument Landing System) remains the primary means for precision approaches, new satellite navigation technologies are now in place to perform approaches.
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pilots in cockpit
Cockpit SATCOM
Pilots and ground staff rely on the cockpit SATCOM as an essential means to communicate. Evolving user requirements and technology have led Airbus to review and update the system.
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Electronic Flight Assistant
In today’s digital world, pilots need to consult multiple sources of information to prepare for and execute each and every mission. An array of applications serve different needs, but when they are not integrated, it makes the operational tasks complex and time-consuming.
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Flying out of the crisis
Exceptional, pandemic-related circumstances meant Airbus had to think much faster and find creative work-arounds to continue supporting customers. There was a real push to adapt and be flexible.

As airlines return, or prepare to return to service, FAST talks to Programmes and Services about recent developments and what’s coming up in the future for customers.
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maintenance of an aircraft
Great mechanics
Efficient maintenance operations require qualified, experienced and competent aircraft mechanics. However, airlines and MROs are about to face a new challenge: the existing workforce is diminishing but demand for mechanics is expected to rise sharply in the future. This shortage risk is based on a retiring population and the effects of the pandemic, but may also be due to a lack of enthusiasm for a job which often offers little in the form of a clear career path.
Training is the starting point for new mechanics.
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Sabine Klauke, CTO Airbus
The future is now
FAST talks to Airbus’ Chief Technical Officer, Sabine Klauke, about her role leading technology and engineering teams to pioneer the sustainable aerospace of tomorrow.
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