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FAST magazine articles, primarily dedicated to Airbus commercial aircraft customers, are written by technical experts and focus on what is informative and useful. Learn about innovations and evolutions to Airbus aircraft, as well as best practices to help optimise fleet performance. And see where Airbus is working, sometimes with key players in the industry, to continue to support customers and prepare the future.


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Sabine Klauke, CTO Airbus
The future is now
FAST talks to Airbus’ Chief Technical Officer, Sabine Klauke, about her role leading technology and engineering teams to pioneer the sustainable aerospace of tomorrow.
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Reinforcing cabin hygiene
Since the onset of COVID-19, passenger concerns about cabin hygiene have increased drastically. Some key existing features of Airbus aircraft interiors that were previously less important for passengers - such as HEPA air filters and touchless surfaces - have now become well-known.
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A350 Airspace take off
Keeping in shape
Maintenance and structure repairs are part of the normal upkeep of an aircraft. And this goes of course for the A350, with some slightly different methods due to composite primary structures. Today’s aircraft have been designed using the accumulated, past experience from previous passenger and cargo planes, enabling potential repairs to be identified and planned for in advance.
The choice of repair method will depend on the type of damage, level of severity and the material being repaired - be it aluminium, titanium or carbon. In some cases, solutions can be temporary, taking into account customer needs and constraints.
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Airbus Summit on sustainability
Summit on sustainability
Pressure is building to reach net zero emissions by 2050. To do this, collaboration across the industry is key and was demonstrated at the Airbus Summit in September.
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Airbus Zero Emission Patrol Flight
Exploring hydrogen
The aviation industry aims to achieve climate neutrality starting from 2050. But this ambitious target calls for new aircraft technologies.
Why does Airbus believe hydrogen is one of the most promising zero-emission technologies? How would it impact airports? And what are the challenges, different technologies and designs under study?
From hydrogen storage, cost and infrastructure to perceptions about safety, the aviation sector is working to mature the technology while tackling some major challenges.
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Detection of leak behind wing leading edge
Bleed air leaks
Engine Bleed Air System leaks can lead to unscheduled maintenance with operational interruptions, as well as to severe events such as in-flight turn-back or diversion due to loss of cabin pressurisation capability.
However, bleed leaks can be difficult to detect and localise - and time-consuming to troubleshoot. By using an air leak detector camera to locate leaks on the engine/APU bleed air system, operators can significantly reduce both Operational Interruptions (OI) and maintenance costs.
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