The new sidewall panels will match the Airspace design language and provide ~1” more cabin width at should level (0.5” on each side, subject to technical feasibility)


Create a relaxing space for all


Get the most out of your Airspace cabin with an extensive range of options, which have been developed together with our customers in order to cover all market needs and deliver the best experience for passengers and crew.


Optimise turnaround time and ease boarding operations

The Airspace cabin features large bins that not only allow for faster boarding and disembarking operations, they also result in the most relaxed welcome for passengers and crew. Particularly for the A320 Family, the Airspace cabin comes with the largest bins available in its category: the Airspace XL bins. On the A320 Family, the XL bins add an extra 60% luggage capacity compared to the previous generation and 66% for the A330neo compared to the A330ceo, without requiring handforce to close.

On the A220 Family, the Airspace XL bins which will become available from 2025 and will be retrofittable, offer increased capacity of around 19 more passenger bags (on the A220-300), as well as accommodate longer and heavier payload items thanks to its four-frame design.

A330neo Airspace cabin
XL Bins A330neo
Airspace bin advantage - A320 family + 60% luggage capacity- A330 family + 66% luggage capacity


Boost revenue with tailor-made cabin segmentation

With a wide choice of seats covering Economy, Economy +, Premium Economy, Business class and First class, the Airspace cabin adapts to all airline business models.Our current flying portfolio covers solutions from 2 to 10 abreast configurations, applied to one row only or the entire aircraft - depending on your market needs. This is made possible through a smart integration of monuments, without compromising on passenger comfort.

Airspace cabin
A330neo - 9 abreast Economy seats with passengers in A330neo Airspace Cabin



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