The A320P2F and A321P2F offer choice in the single-aisle cargo market.

The A320P2F provides a payload capability of up to 21t and offers 11 positions on the main deck, plus the unique A320 Family container (up to 7 container positions) and pallet loading capability on the lower deck.

The A321P2F provides a payload capability of up to 27t. It offers up to 14 full container positions on the main deck, plus the unique A320 Family container (up to 10 container positions) and pallet loading capability on the lower deck.



Length44.51 m
Cabin length34.44 m
Fuselage width3.95 m
Max cabin width3.7 m
Wing span (geometric)35.8 m
Height 11.76 m


Max payload27 tonnes
Pallets or containers main deck14


Max range3 800 km
Max ramp weight93.9 t
Max take-off weight93.5 t
Max landing weight77.8 t
Max zero fuel weight73.8 t
Max fuel capacity (density = 0.803)30 030 kg


Length146 ft 
Cabin length113 ft
Fuselage width13 ft 
Max cabin width12 ft 1 in
Wing span (geometric)117 ft 5 in
Height38 ft 7 in
Track24' 11"
Wheelbase55' 5"


Max payload60 klbs
Pallets or containers main deck14


Max range2 040 nm
Max ramp weight207 klb
Max take-off weight206.1 klb
Max landing weight171.5 klb
Max zero fuel weight162.8 klb
Max fuel capacity (density = 0.803)7 935 klb


Qantas A321 P2f Enters Into Service Interior

Next generation single-aisle freighter

The A320P2F offers the same volume as other competing single-aisle freighters. The A321P2F offers up to 29% more volume than the A320P2F. It has the largest usable cargo volume of its category and generation. With more than 4,200 A320 and 1,700 A321 passenger aircraft in service, the feedstock will be plentiful for years to come. Airbus foresees a significant market demand for about 1,020 aircraft over the next 20 years for P2F aircraft conversions in the small freighter segment.

Australia Post A321P2F cargo door. ST engineering copyright

Programme collaboration

The A320/A321P2F conversion programme, launched in 2015, is a joint venture between proven players in the conversion market: ST Engineering, Airbus and Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW). 

EFW has a vast experience with ~ 200 Airbus A300/A310 Medium Widebody aircraft and a growing number of A330P2Fs converted. ST Aerospace in turn has converted more than 400 aircraft. And Airbus has decades of freighter manufacturing.

Within this partnership, ST Engineering is responsible for the engineering development up to the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) issuance and the conversion kit supply. Airbus, as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) provides technical data and certification support, development of on-board computers, airframe engineering, flight physics and flight test expertise. EFW is the STC holder and leads the overall programme and commercialisation.


Airbus Freighter Family

Since the launch of the A330-200F in 2007 Airbus has been continuously building up its freighter product portfolio.

Together with the larger A330F and A330P2F, the A320P2F and A321P2F further complement the Airbus Freighter Family. Airlines will benefit from the flight-crew and operational commonality through Cross-Crew-Qualification and Mixed-Fleet-Flying across their Airbus freighter and passenger operations, leveraging same cockpit and systems philosophies. Further commonality comes from spares, process and procedures.

A321P2F is the most efficient single-aisle freighter available today. 


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