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Cabin & Connectivity Upgrades

For maximum efficiency and enhanced in-flight experience

When it comes to cabin differentiation, it’s all about the services.

The cabin is one of the most important assets in an aircraft. Willing to be even more connected in the air like at home, passengers' expectations are evolving towards more comfort, more connectivity and tailored on-board services. Airbus Services provides the highest standard on integrated services, from light cabin refurbishment to full reconfiguration, while encompassing the power of digital insights.


Passenger Experience

Customise your cabin and bring the best experience to your passengers

Enhanced Look & Feel of the Cabin


Airbus can customise your cabin and bring the best passenger experience through the integration of the latest developments:

  • latest seating products,
  • dedicated social areas,
  • customised premium zone,
  • integration of IFE,
  • mood lighting.
A320 Airspace cabin
New solutions for a healthy cabin

New solutions for a healthy cabin


In this particular worldwide context Airbus developed solutions to help airlines adapt to health concerns and restore passenger confidence to fly.


Upgrade your aircraft cabin with brand new textiles

Without the hassle of supplier management



Based on your specific needs you can find Airbus Cabin optimisation range of solutions which will maximise space and revenues on all the Airbus aircraft platform.

Space-Flex new configuration for A320

Space-Flex (A320 Family)

Increase seat capacity and revenue potential by relocating lavatories to the Space-Flex module combined with optimised aft galley

Ice Rear Galley & Lavatory

Ice Rear Galley (A330)

An efficient cabin configuration at the aft of the cabin which enables to install additional lavatories including PRM capability to improve the seat count on A330

Max PAX (188 pax solutions)

Max Pax (188 pax solution)

Increase the exit limit of your A320 Family aircraft to reach maximum seating capacity using Space-Flex and Max-Pax certification

A321 ACF (Airbus Cabin Flex)

A321 ACF (Airbus Cabin Flex) Door Configuration

For eligible A321 ACF aircraft, door configurations can be adapted to match airlines operational needs to offer more possibilities for a cabin retrofit

Cabin Configuration Tool

Airbus Cabin Configuration Tool

How to best configure your cabin?



Make the most of your cabin

A320 ceiling stowage

Ceiling Stowage

Luggage stowage is a key element for your passenger satisfaction such as for your Turnaround Time optimisation.


XL Bins

Designed with the Airspace DNA and offering +60% carry on luggage capacity on A320 thanks to its vertical storage compared to enhanced bins. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce turnaround time with Airpace XL bins


SFE Seating

Recaro SFE Seats

SFE Seats

Choose comfort

Airbus Services proposes an alternative to BFE seating selection in cooperation with Recaero to provide you with the latest standards in terms of weight, comfort and possible customisation.

Easily integratable into full Cabin configuration, our SFE seats portfolio includes both YC and BC models.


Cabin Systems

Take benefit of latest technologies

Airspace cabin design light

Cabin Lighting Solution

Quality of light has a major influence on our everyday perception: human appearance, meal served and overall aircraft interior. Our Cabin LED Unit (CLEDU) solution will enhance your Cabin atmosphere.

Camera-based Video Surveillance System (CVMS)

Cabin Video Monitoring System (CVMS)

Technologie driven by changing environments, the CVMS is a stand alone system enhancing prevention in cabin and cargo-hold.

Satellite connectivity

Satellite Connectivity

Integration of BFE hardware for connectivity, including internet access. 

  • Wireless content distribution (integration & hosting)
  • Crew based communications (eOps)
  • Mobile telephony (GSM) 
  • Inflight internet (SATCOM, ATG)
  • Live TV (broadcast, IP TV)
  • Aircraft data transmission (FOMAX, Skywise)



A complete portfolio of onboard and offboard connectivity solutions

Air to Ground

Air to ground solution

Including: European Aviation Network (EAN), Air to Ground for China Region, 4G for A350

Touchscreen on a seat

Open Software Platform (OSP)

Made for easy wireless IFE hosting. Cost effective way to provide wireless IFE and differentiate your onboard experience. OSP offers an outstanding passenger experience, increases your operational efficiency and boosts your ancillary revenues.


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Communication Systems

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