Provide the smartest living space


Providing the latest technology and seamless connectivity onboard, in a visibly clean cabin, while maximising your revenue opportunities with cabin enablers - all come together with the Airspace cabin.


Offer your passengers a fully connected experience and tap into new revenue opportunities

The Airspace cabin brings to your aircraft state-of-the-art technology so operators can offer passengers a seamless connected travel experience. To further enhance the passenger experience, the cabin can be equipped with brighter, thinner and lighter in-seat 4K definition touchless screens or with a wireless IFE solution. Of course, an in-seat power supply is available so that passengers can use personal electronic devices as they would at home. Additionally, this fully connected experience and its smart services also offer cost-saving opportunities for operators, contributing to sustainability.

Passenger IFE experience in A350 Airspace Premium economy class cabin © AIRBUS 2020 - photo byDominik Mentzos / Taylor James
people using IFE inside an A320
Women touching IFE screen by passengers in Airspace cabin
Airspace - Offer passengers a fully connected experience with Latest Generation IFE, 4K Touchless screens, In-seat audio, ISPSS power supply, Seamless connectivity


Build trust with our clean space

Airspace cabins have always had the highest level of hygiene. The Covid-19 crisis has brought heightened attention towards cabin hygiene and disinfection. The Airspace cabin presents numerous advantages that can be used by operators to reassure their passengers that all measures are being taken to ensure their safety. On top of the touchless features for all lavatories, the cabin is already applied with antimicrobial coatings and can be treated with polishes in retrofit.

Additionally, clean air has always been a priority for Airbus during cabin design. The air in Airbus cabins is a mix of fresh air drawn from outside, and air that has been passed through efficient High-Efficiency-Particulate Arrestors (HEPA) filters, which remove 99.9% of air particles down to the size of microscopic bacteria and virus clusters. In all Airbus cabins, the air is renewed every 2 to 3 minutes.

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Touchless features in lavatory of A320 Airspace cabin
Touchless features used by child in A330neo Airspace cabin


Optimise space in the cabin

The Airspace cabins come with a large choice of flexible configurations that allow each airline to optimise the cabin space based on their operational needs. What’s more, all the Airspace cabin enablers are also available on in-service aircraft.


Here are some examples of our vast portfolio of cabin enablers:


Space-Flex new configuration for A320


Space-Flex, available on the A320 Family and the A330neo, enables more revenue seats (6 for the A320 Family), while offering a Person with Reduced Mobility (PRM) capable lavatory.

ICE lavatory LHS inside A330neo Airspace cabin


Available on the A320, A330 and A350 families, the Smartlav cabin enabler also frees up cabin length for more seats and more comfort, leading to increased reclining space.

V-shape galley in A350 Airspace cabin

ICE rear galley

The ICE rear galley for the A350 Family allows operators to optimise their cabin layout and add more workspace and more trolleys, therefore driving more revenue, as do the V-shape and XL galleys also available on the aircraft family.



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Airspace cabin design light


The new sidewall panels will match the Airspace design language and provide ~1” more cabin width at should level (0.5” on each side, subject to technical feasibility)




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