Featuring one of the most voluminous cargo holds of any civil or military aircraft flying today, the Airbus BelugaST offers a unique way to transport oversized air cargo. Also known as the A300-600ST Super Transporter, the Airbus-operated Belugas have played a key role in keeping the Airbus production and assembly network operating at full capacity. Today, they are available for freight companies and other potential customers as a unique solution to meet outsized freight transportation needs.

Offered as the Airbus Beluga Transport commercial service, these aircraft will provide customers with large cargo transport solutions for a variety of sectors, including space, energy, military, aeronautics, maritime and humanitarian sectors. 
The BelugaSTs have been operating for Airbus’ own industrial airlift needs since the mid-1990s, and are progressively being replaced by a fleet of six new-generation BelugaXL versions.



Overall length56.16 m
Height17.25 m
Wing span44.84 m
Fuselage width7.7 m
Loadable volume length39.1 m
Loadable cross-section max height7.1 m
Loadable cross-section max width7.1 m


Max payload40 tonnes
Max range1,650 km
Max take-off weight155 tonnes
Max landing weight140 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight133.8 tonnes
Max fuel capacity (density = 0.803)23,860 litres


Overall length184 ft 3 in
Height56 ft 7 in
Wing span147 ft 2 in
Loadable volume length128 ft 3 in
Loadable cross-section max width23 ft 3 in
Loadable cross-section max height23 ft 3 in
Loadable cross-section max width23 ft 3 in


Max payload88,184 lb
Max range892 nm
Max take-off Weight341,716 lb
Max landing weight308,647 lb
Max zero fuel weight294,978 lb
Max fuel capacity (density = 0.803)78,484 lb



Airlifter extraordinaire

With more than 20 years of reliable service, the BelugaST delivers a high level of customer satisfaction with loading, unloading, and delivery designed to be fast, safe, flexible, and reliable – as demonstrated by successful operations throughout the world.

Beluga in Finkenwerder

Speed and efficiency

The BelugaST’s semi-automated main deck cargo loading system ensures easy and efficient handling of payloads. 
To maximise the BelugaST’s turnaround capability in commercial service, new loading techniques and equipment are being developed – including an automated On-Board Cargo Loader (OBCL) for missions where a loading/unloading platform is not available at the origin or destination airport.

Beluga in Finkenwerder

Flight deck

The BelugaST retains the same flight deck that is in worldwide operation on Airbus A300-600s and A310s. 

Included in the cockpit are controls for a transportable heating module that can be installed in the main deck cargo compartment. This module provides temperature-controlled conditions for sensitive payloads carried by the BelugaST, including satellites – and even paintings.


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