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Benefit from a beautiful space


Offering a state-of-the-art cabin design, having already won some of the top industry awards and that can be rolled out to an entire fleet for a unified passenger experience is a dream come true with Airspace.


Create a consistent passenger experience across your fleet

One of the key principles on which the Airspace cabin stands is commonality. The consistency is supported by a contemporary design language that uses strong design elements such as straight lines, clean shapes and clear surfaces, as well as signature details and iconic elements. The customisable entrance areas and lighting can also be replicated across all Airspace cabins.



Empower your brand


Offering a sophisticated, flexible canvas, Airspace cabin design is a backdrop onto which airlines can project their own brand. Our contemporary design language has won two prestigious design awards: the iF Product Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. We are therefore proud to offer our customers a world-renowned cabin design, giving customers the perfect canvas to empower their brand.


Airspace design - beautiful space
Airspace - Family feel. Consistent features with widebody aircraft
Airspace - Award winning design language
Airspace - Signature details window



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The new sidewall panels will match the Airspace design language and provide ~1” more cabin width at should level (0.5” on each side, subject to technical feasibility)




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