Aircraft cabin textiles need to be upgraded on a regular basis

On average, seat covers need to be changed every 3 to 4 years and carpets every 6 months

Changing your cabin textiles can be a quick win to create a wow effect in a short amount of time and at a limited cost, while ensuring brand consistency.

But how can airlines with limited time and resources manage a cabin refurbishment?

Negotiating good prices without the bargaining power large airlines have, or coordinating between multiple suppliers can become quite a challenge, requiring time and resources you may not have.

Airbus has developed solutions to help simplify your aircraft cabin textiles change management.


Why can aircraft cabin textiles change be challenging?


#01 Unavailability of ressources

Already dedicated to core business needs

#02 High prices

Due to low bargaining power

#03 Many suppliers to be coordinated

 Minimum 3 and up to 6

#04 Time-consuming 

For the definition of the supplier management strategy

People working new project

How can you simplify the management of your cabin refurbishment?

Go for Airbus’ ready-to-use solution: the Textile replacement services

  • A single interface to manage suppliers and negotiate prices
  • A full offer package: Service Bulletin and kits approved by EASA and ready-to-install at your MRO facility
  • Very competitive lead times for re-ordering (as short as 6 week for reassy)
  • Possibility to re-order the same kit without having to buy the SB to address the wear and tear of materials

How will our Textile Replacement Services help you?


#01 Brand consistency

Identical cabin textile configurations across the fleet

#02 Preserve resources

Airbus interfaces with all the suppliers for you

#03 Save time 

When re-ordering the same kit

#04 Modern cabin 

In-line with highest Airbus standard products

#05 Get choices

Wide range of worldwide available product specs

#06 Quick response

From Airbus with predefined pricing list

A wide variety of Airbus aircraft textiles and customisations


textile cabin - aircraft

3 types of textiles

  • Seat Cover Replacement Design replica 
  • Curtain Replacement OEM design 
  • Carpet Replacement OEM design
airbus cabin textile upgrades - seat cover

3 levels of customisation

  • Standard product
  • Medium customisation
  • High customisation
textile cabin - aircraft

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