A220 Customer Services activities are being integrated into the Airbus network, in order to provide customers with improved and efficient support & services, fully supported by Airbus. This will leverage Airbus’ experience and resources in the following areas: field service representatives (FSRs) and customer support directors (CSDs); training materials; cabin operations; fleet performance; and flight simulation products.

To accomplish this, the specific integration streams are being rolled-out as follows:

  • Airbus is providing FSRs to support the A220 fleet. CSD support will be provided by either Airbus Canada or Airbus, dependent on the set-up within an individual operator.
  • Airbus is developing for Airbus Canada the flight, flight attendant and maintenance training courseware content. This material, which will become available starting next year, will be used by the A220 Approved Training Providers. Accordingly, Airbus will replace Bombardier’s Flight Attendance Training Guidelines with an A220 Cabin Crew Operating Manual by mid-next year.
  • Airbus Canada is shifting to Airbus tools and methodology to compute the A220 aircraft reliability and other performance metrics which will provide a harmonized experience with other Airbus platforms. Leveraging Skywise capabilities, Airbus Canada will thus offer new digital tools for improved processes in the coming year.
  • Airbus Canada and Airbus teams are preparing the transfer of the support to operators and training device manufacturers related to simulator data package and hardware. This activity will take place during the summer.

In addition, all material services (trade parts and smart parts) will be led by and under the responsibility of SATAIR and Airbus Flight Hours Services (FHS) respectively to support the A220 programme. Airbus Canada, Airbus FHS, SATAIR and Bombardier are currently working on a transfer plan together with the A220 operators that will materialize by the end of the year.

Last but not least, Airbus maintenance operations and working parties teams will also take over from Bombardier’s A220 mobile repair team (MRT) for all major repair needs. This transition will last about a year, and in the meantime Airbus Canada and Bombardier MRT will support customers until the Airbus teams are fully operational on the A220.

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