APEX Expo 2022, Long Beach – Following its launch at AIX Expo earlier this year of the Airspace Linkon-board open ecosystem, Airbus is expanding its scope to also cover airlines’ cross-fleet-wide requirements. To this end, Airbus together with its cabin systems subsidiary, KID-Systeme, now offer the new GeniusLINK solution for third-party (non-Airbus) fleets, which will provide the equivalent agnostic on-board functionalities and services as the Airspace Link platform.

As with the Airspace Link SFE solution, GeniusLINK is a multi-talented inflight system which offers a high degree of flexibility on a multi-purpose platform. It simultaneously hosts passenger and crew applications while meeting customer requirements in terms of wireless entertainment, eCommerce and cabin management operations.

Moreover, as an innovative and powerful platform, GeniusLINK connects all on-board products, including interfaces and sensors for real-time interconnected IoT services. This information transfer secures communication to passengers, flight crew, maintenance and ground services. It also enables business opportunities and ancillary revenues for airlines.

Coming soon – To further extend the Airspace Link family to its other aircraft markets, Airbus is developing a customised solution for its Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) range, which will provide VIP operators with equally powerful on board applications, cabin management and IoT services.

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