Amongst a wide range of Inspection tools and solutions, Joramco intends to chose Testia SmartUE1 and ThicknessTool. The latest version of the SmartUE1 which was launched at the 2019 Paris Air Show, is a comprehensive device gathering both Ultrasonic and Eddy Current testing applications, along with various modules (resonance, conductivity, thickness gauge…).

The ThicknessTool is a dedicated device aiming at measuring remaining thickness after blending (corrosion, scratches...). Thanks to its large probe and software, which automatically generates the 10x10mm or 5x5mm grid-mapping report, the ThicknessTool divides inspection time by 20, which is a real asset for both operators and clients.  Joramco expects those tools to contribute strongly to better Inspection quality and efficient analysis of aircraft structures and components.

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