In this evolving situation, Airlines will need to adapt operations scheme while leveraging available resources.


In several conditions like the operations of a new aircraft type, the need for optimum aircraft allocation within current network and / or the request for new specific route / airport to be operated, NAVBLUE performance team can supply necessary information (required performance and weight & balance data) and recommendations to alleviate as far as possible any limitations.


If the Airline needs to get external support on some regulatory activities, NAVBLUE can take over a part of the work to comply with aircraft performance monitoring and flight data analysis.

The same scheme could apply to the initial and recurring tasks required for EFB administration. This can be over a limited-term and deployed right now with minimum effort or extended as a new long-term operating model.


If the Airline needs to consider new operational procedures (e.g. Cargo transportation in cabin, new procedures for cabin crew and flight crew, special STC or engineering order), NAVBLUE documentation team can assist on the customization of the Operating Manuals (incl. engineering content). This documentation management service can also be proposed to maintain the documentation up-to-date and support return to operations, aircraft transfer or fleet transition.