Airbus Interiors Services (AIS) and Aerkomm have signed an agreement enabling the Aerkomm K++ Connectivity Solution installation on the Airbus A320 Family aircraft, in retrofit. AIS will develop, install and certify the Aerkomm K++ System on a prototype A320 aircraft to EASA and FAA certification standard. Service Bulletins and Kits will be provided by AIS, ensuring Airbus best-in-class quality and expertise for A320 family customers. It also includes Airbus support for the integration on aircraft, such as, but not limited to, the ARINC 791 structural reinforcements and engineering works. 

The AERKOMM K++ IFEC system shall provide passengers with an “at home” network experience using Ka-band technology solution by giving free access to on-board WiFi internet connectivity to all passenger personal devices, including laptops, mobile phones and tablets.  This system will additionally provide passengers with access to e-commerce amenities such as In-Flight shopping and travel services. The Aerkomm K++ system will also be ready future-proof and compatible with the next generation of LEO satellite technologies.  

The Airbus Interiors Services Service Bulletin and Airbus kits for the Aerkomm K++ retrofit solution will be installed first on Hong Kong Airlines fleet of 12 Airbus A320 aircraft.