Dubai, 18 November 2021 – Airbus Services signed a major A380 cabin retrofit agreement with Emirates Airline to upgrade 52 A380s. Airbus will provide all the Services Bulletins (including engineering drawings) and kits to install 56 additional Premium Economy seats in the main deck of the A380, in a 2-4-2 configuration similar to the latest A380s delivered.

The 18-month retrofit programme, scheduled to begin at the end of 2022, will be conducted at Emirates’ state-of-the-art Engineering Centre in Dubai.

In addition, Airbus will supply new kits required to upgrade Emirates’ A380s with the newest Panasonic GCS Ku Satcom System. This retrofit will provide passengers with the latest inflight entertainment connectivity on the flagship aircraft.


Passengers already love the A380 and its legendary comfort. With these upgrade agreements, Emirates will not only offer its highly lauded Premium Economy seats to more passengers, but will also allow live TV onboard and high speed Internet access. This is a great example of the A380’s flexibility and adaptability to new consumer trends. We thank Emirates for continuously enhancing the A380  passenger experience


Mikail Houari, President, Airbus Africa and Middle East

This major A380 cabin upgrade is a meaningful example of the additional value that Airbus’ services can bring to existing aircraft and illustrates how the A380 will continue to fly our skies for years to come, with new revenue schemes and an enhanced passenger experience.




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