Satair, an Airbus services company, has expanded its scope of products listed for sale on its digital Marketplace by 40 percent since its launch in March 2021. The products span components, consumables, and expendables and can be found in different conditions such as Used Serviceable Material (USM) and New Surplus.

The new digital Marketplace connects airlines directly with OEMs, providing access to a constantly growing availability of USM and surplus parts at competitive prices from an extended global seller network. It is hosted on Satair’s global material e-shopwhich is used by more than 12,000 customers.

Myriam Malinge, Head of Satair’s Marketplace, said, “Many of our customers are challenged with a significant amount of surplus inventory, which is critical for them to monetize. On the other hand, they are in need of a wider range of material options within close proximity. The new Satair Marketplace is the solution that meets both these needs. 

 Paul Lochab, CCO, Satair, commented, “We help sellers get a better understanding of the market demand and customer behaviour through valuable insights into big data analytics.” He added, “On the Satair Marketplace, sellers can access and analyse data specific to how customers interact with their listed products and, hence, gain key insights into their customer’s buying journey.”

Satair’s Marketplace is open to buyers and sellers alike with no joining fees; it has welcomed several selling partners that are already monetizing their inventory, and are benefiting from the wide global aviation customer reach. To ensure a reliable and trustworthy platform, the governance of the seller and buyer network relies on a comprehensive Satair/Airbus Know-Your-Customer (KYC) due diligence, export control screening, as well as dedicated seller validation. On the technical side, the Marketplace solution enables the communication and transactions happening between the buyer and the seller on the platform.

Satair continues to embrace digital transformation to advance the customer experience in one end-to-end ecosystem. As a testament to this, the Marketplace is constantly developing with new features being implemented, and more buyers, sellers, and material being added to the platform.



The Marketplace is open to buyers and sellers alike with no joining fees, and we invite you to explore the solution on Satair Market here. If you have questions about selling USM and Surplus material, please contact the dedicated Marketplace team directly via


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Satair is a global company and world leader in the commercial aerospace aftermarket. The company supports the complete life cycle of the aircraft with a full and integrated portfolio of flexible, value adding material management products, services and tailored support modules across all platforms. As a key part of Airbus customer services, Satair has exclusive or primary distribution arrangements for aerospace component manufacturers, and supplies parts to multi-fleet customer airlines and MRO companies. It also fulfils the material service support obligation for the in-service fleet of more than 11,000 Airbus aircraft. Visit


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