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Post-TOT Services

Should you be in the situation that the Lessee was not identified on-time or that an issue is preventing the planned operator to take the aircraft, the aircraft can still be managed by Airbus and re-delivered to the selected operator. All parties benefit from receiving a brand new aircraft. 

The post TOT modification package allows to store the aircraft, define and execute the modifications whilst managing the airworthiness under Airbus CAMO until delivery to the operator. 

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Material Services

Material services covering tools, consumables and expendables to proprietary and standard part management and distribution


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Carbon Grid Service

Aircraft Modification Embodiment

Managing the embodiment of necessary modifications for Airframe, Systems, Cabin and Connectivity

Airbus can provide a full turnkey solution combining Airbus Upgrades with embodiment to maximise residual value of the asset. Discover our comprehensive offer for Airframe, Systems, Cabin and Connectivity Modifications, as well as livery changes.


Storage Services

Preserve your assets and minimise the cost

Airbus offers to support you in the preservation of your assets. Be it parking in Flight Ready Condition or long-term storage, we are constantly striving to optimise Parking and storage procedures to minimise costs while preserving asset value.

Carbon Grid Service

Maintenance Services

Leverage our global network and capabilities for Base and Heavy maintenance across your Airbus fleet

Leverage our global MRO network and OEM capabilities for Base and Heavy maintenance across your Airbus fleet. Airbus Services offers expert management of scheduled maintenance checks (Base and Heavy) across the Airbus fleet.


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