NAVBLUE and Storadio reach a contractor agreement to offer small operators a tailor made solution for their Outsourced Operation Control Center (OCC).

NAVBLUE signs with Storadio to offer Outsourced Operation Control Center (OCC) support, Flight Planning (N-Flight Planning) and Crew Planning (N-Ops&Cew) to small operators.

NAVBLUE offers entire OCC suite solutions from Flight Planning, Ops & Crew, and Flight following, and now, with this contractor agreement, will start to offer outsourced OCC as a service to support small airlines from their ground up.

N-Flight Planningis a scalable award-winning flight planning solution with a proven record of being one of the safest and most cost-effective flight planning applications on the market. At the same time, N-Ops&Crew empowers airlines with the ability to plan and distribute their network schedules, maintain full operations control with configurable operating rules in one solution.

Thanks to this tailor made solution for small operators, STORADIO can guide these small carriers with NAVBLUE products, from the beginning of their operations, until they reach a level of expertise that enables them to start expanding into other services and solutions supported by the company.

At STORADIO, we were looking for a supplier that could support our business and clients with systems that could and would match our criteria’s. The NAVBLUE N-FP and N-OC systems have all features we need






said John Bennet, CEO at STORADIO in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Storadio STORADIO has a H24/365 days per year Operations Control Center (OCC), specialized as a reliable and highly professional outsourced OCC. We started our OCC services in 2005 as a complement to the HF Long Range radio service. STORADIO is a well-established OCC provider on the market, and we offer a safe and reliable OCC and Crew Plannning service. If your airline is in the start-up phase, when you need to slim your organisation, when you have a tight budget, or whatever your case might be, we will be your close partner. More details on:

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