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Aircraft maintenance is about increasing mechanic hours productivity by a proper production planning, execution and control. Rotables and consumables are the blood of the MRO. The right spare needs to be at the right place and right time without compromising the passenger experience and your business profitability.

Below are the three main types of maintenance that fall under the MRO umbrella.

  • Preventive Maintenance. This type of maintenance is done regularly before issues arise in order to keep equipment and processes running smoothly.
  • Corrective Maintenance. This refers to maintenance completed after a problem has occurred, whether dealing with general wear and tear or a complete breakdown.
  • Predictive Maintenance. Predictive maintenance is done based on the data obtained from monitoring processes that track historical trends, allowing for reliable failure predictions.

Airbus Consulting M&E experts comes from the MRO shop floor and MRO executive positions. They will support you to decrypt the market trends and define your competitive advantage. They will also support you to reach the operational excellence and increase your business performance and business margins.

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Digital Innovation

Our team of experts provide the latest market evolutions.

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Improve your process maturity

Ground Test Line Maintenance

Line Maintenance

Benefit from OEM expertise to optimise your Line Maintenance operations

From support to Entry into Service of a new aircraft type, organisation optimisation, resources sizing to efficiency enhancement, our team of highly experienced experts, having direct access to aircraft and airline data, will assist you in every steps, having always in mind the basics of Line Maintenance: safe aircraft ready to take-off on time.

We can help you answer these questions:

  1. How many Licensed Engineers do I need to maintain my fleet cost efficiently?
  2. Should I outsource or insource outstations?
  3. How do I structure my organisation to be able to perform A-checks-light maintenance?

EASA Part 145 Certification

Airbus Consulting will guide you through the EASA Part 145 Certification preparation and approval process

Airbus Consulting proven assistance package and methodology will take you by the hand through the preparation and approval process not only targeting full compliance and final certification but also raising the overall standards across your MRO. Airbus Consulting will combine a deep understanding of the regulation and its interpretation with a sound knowledge on industry standards to provide you with customised recommendations that will simplify compliance in your particular environment.

We can help you answer these questions:

  1. How is the EASA Part 145 approval process and how do I prepare for it? 
  2. What is the envelope of regulations and requirements I need to comply with? 
  3. How can I ensure I am in compliance without over tightening my procedures?

MRO Start-Up

Benefit from the unrivalled expertise of a manufacturer to launch your start-up MRO.

Benefit from the unrivalled expertise of a manufacturer to launch your start-up MRO. From market opportunity identification to implementation, our team will bring Airbus’ big picture of aeronautic industry and technical expertise to every phase of your project.

We can help you answer these questions:

  1. What is my position in the competitive MRO landscape?
  2. How to design and implement an effective roadmap development strategy?
  3. How to increase/adapt my capability and make the best of my assets?
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Supply Chain

Airbus Consulting will help your company to recover and even transcend your initial efficiency and competitiveness levels.

Your company might be shaken by a crisis and need to adapt drastically its supply-chain. Thanks to its team of experts and a proven methodology, Airbus Consulting will help your company to recover and even transcend your initial efficiency and competitiveness levels.

We can help you answer these questions:

  1. Do I have the right make or buy policy? 
  2. How can I optimise and digitalise my sourcing processes?
  3. Do I have the right material planning and stock level management practices?

Services for MROs

Delivering world-class and fully integrated aviation services dedicated to Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul organisations


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