Manage Risk

Airlines put safety and efficiency as their core priority, while looking at financial efficiency and sustainability. Risk Management is key to support both safety and efficiency. NAVBLUE’s Risk Management expertise and solutions are focused on increasing flight safety and efficiency, thereby reducing the risk. At NAVBLUE, we address the four essential elements of  Risk Management: 

  • Identify hazards, conditions or objects that could cause or contribute to the unsafe operation of aircraft (or conduct of business).
  • Assess the identified hazards in terms of their likelihood and severity resulting from the hazards. 
  • Mitigate the risk by putting into actions a mitigation plan including strategies and tools that reduce, mitigate, or eliminate the risk.
  • Measure and track a set of safety performance indicators to determine if the risk has been successfully reduced, mitigated, or eliminated, taking the overall organization efficiency into account. 

NAVBLUE, in close collaboration with Airbus, supports airlines in their efforts to put in place a robust Risk Management process within their organisation to enhance safety and efficiency and at the same time comply with authority requirements.


Data Analytics



RunwaySense meets the ICAO Global Reporting Format requirements by using Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) compliant runway condition reports. It is a collaborative web-based platform where airspace users share runway condition reports in real-time to enhance the runway condition awareness, and to allow the airport to anticipate and mitigate slippery conditions by using Airbus aircraft as a sensor with the Braking Action Computation Function (BACF).

Applicability: Mixed fleet

Aircraft Family: A320 | A330

FDA Services

Flight Data Analysis Services

NAVBLUE’s Flight Data Analysis services are provided by experts, including Engineers and TRI/TRE (Type Rating Instructor/Examiner) Pilots. NAVBLUE supports the airlines with a comprehensive and customized set of deliverables to identify hotspots, trends, and related safety issues from flight data, while also promoting operational excellence.

Applicability: Mixed fleet 

Aircraft Family: A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380 | other



Nsight, a new single platform to collect, decode and analyze flight data, monitor trends, create safety analyses, and dashboards. The cloud-based solution relies on a brand new Flight Data Analysis (FDA) core, a measurement-based engine connected to multiple data sources. Through the combination of measurements, airport and weather information, Nsight is more powerful at computing risk precursors. Airlines will have enhanced accuracy during their risk assessments, and an improved picture of their risk exposure.

Applicability: Mixed Fleet

Aircraft Family:  A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380 | other




Runway Overrun Prevention System

ROPS is an avionic alerting system designed to prevent runway overrun during the landing phase. ROPS guides and assists the crew in the go-around decision-making process or, when on ground, the timely application of deceleration means. ROPS is certified and available on the A320 and A330 in linefit and retrofit.

Applicability: Airbus fleet

Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 | A350 | A380 


Landing Surveillance+

Landing Surveillance+ is a set of monitoring and alerting functions designed to increase situational awareness. The first function certified is Altimeter Setting Monitor (ALTSM). It issues a caution alert when an incorrect altimeter setting is detected when QNH (“height above sea level”) barometric reference is set. ALTSM is certified and available in retrofit on A320 and A330 for EGPWS and TAWS.

Applicability: Airbus fleet

Aircraft Family:A320 | A330


Braking Action Computation Function

Braking Action Computation Function (BACF) is an aircraft function which uses on-board data to identify the braking action the aircraft experienced during landing. The implementation of BACF responds to recommendations issued by several safety bodies for “an operationally feasible airplane-based braking ability / runway surface condition measurement and communication system”. Initial availability of the BACF is for the A320 and A330 aircraft families.

Applicability: Airbus fleet

Aircraft Family:  A320 | A330 


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