Le Bourget  - June 15  - The Digital Alliance partners, Airbus, GE Digital and Delta TechOps, welcome Allegiant Air as the latest customer for S. Predictive Maintenance +, the expanded Skywise predictive maintenance solution powered by the Digital Alliance. S. Predictive Maintenance + will enhance the operations of Allegiant’s A320 Family fleet of more than 100 aircraft by turning unscheduled maintenance into scheduled maintenance.

S. Predictive Maintenance + combines predictive models from Airbus as the OEM, Delta TechOps as an MRO and operational expert, and GE Digital as the software expert. It encompasses a wide scope of components for aircraft and engines produced by various manufacturers.

Allegiant has been a key participant in multiple Airbus digital Early Adopter Programs (EAPs) since 2019 and has been active in vetting models, alerts and improvements to the Skywise program as it has evolved. Leveraging five years of experience with the Skywise platform, coupled with the adoption of the all-new S. Predictive Maintenance +, Allegiant continues to drive the digitalization of its operations.

"Skywise and the S. Predictive Maintenance solution has been integral to our airline operations at Allegiant for years. S. Predictive Maintenance + represents another step-change in our predictive technology capabilities at a very crucial time in our growth strategy” said Ryan Dantis, Director of Engineering, Allegiant Air. “With S. Predictive Maintenance +, we see key strategic benefits that enable our end-to-end operation, which is especially important as we enter one of our strongest summer seasons."  

As airline operations ramp up to pre-Covid operational levels, the need for reliable operations increases. S. Predictive Maintenance + brings another dimension to predictive maintenance,supporting airlines in reducing the risk of operational interruptions, saving costs and optimising their fleet availability” said Dominik Wacht, Airbus Head of Customer Services for North America.

The Digital Alliance was initiated with Delta TechOps in 2019 and strengthened in 2021 with the arrival of GE Digital. Its intent is to develop a portfolio of nose-to-tail and cross-fleet technical capabilities that will harness each member’s respective analytics expertise for airframes, systems and engines, to be leveraged in Skywise.


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