Toulouse, 15 September 2022 – Airbus and AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine, the leading, EASA certified, aeronautical maintenance training school in Europe, have signed an agreement to co-develop basic maintenance training material compliant to the EASA Part 66 standards. Starting with the GMR Aero Technic in India, as an “early adopter” this August, the service will be deployed to schools worldwide beginning 2023, and will complement the existing Airbus "ACT for Academy" offer. 

“Airbus Basic Maintenance Training services offering will be a major differentiator for aircraft maintenance technician and engineer schools, ensuring an attractive programme for students and boosting their employability at the end of their studies,” said Christian Delmas, Head of Worldwide Maintenance Training.

AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine is proud to have been chosen by Airbus to customise and market the six modules of the PART 66 and thus becoming a stakeholder in the initial training of mechanics by this international leader,






Anne-Catherine Guitard, General Director of AEROCAMPUS.

Future aircraft maintenance technicians will now be able to benefit from a complete and fully integrated training programme built upon the latest aircraft technology and training standards developed through synergies between Airbus and AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine.

The Airbus Basic Maintenance Training programme aims to equip future aircraft maintenance technicians with the knowledge, skills and mind-set required to become “operationally-ready mechanics” focusing on the all-important development of key technical and behavioural competencies. 

The programme reflects, not only Airbus’ commitment to supporting the safe and efficient  maintenance operations of all its aircraft, but also supports airline customers, operators and Maintenance and Repair Organisations (MRO) in contributing to the long-term availability of qualified mechanics, helping to meet the growing demand forecast for more than 600,000 maintenance technicians over the next 20 years.


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