Paint Weight Estimation Services


After repainting, an operator often needs to weigh the aircraft, as its weight and Centre of Gravity (CG) might have changed.

To avoid this additional activity and save costs and time, Airbus Services has created a new service to estimate the effect of repainting on the aircraft weight and CG.

The estimation method has been developed thanks to the expertise of Airbus Mass Properties domain. The high accuracy provided by this estimation complies with operational safety requirements.

Applicability: Aeronautics

Airbus Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380



  • Speed up repainting process - Remove weighing lead time with no downtime cost
  • Optimise costs - Save on weighing costs
  • Preserve fuel - Save on pumped and drained fuel as per the aircraft defueling procedure



Aircraft Stability On Ground Services

A330neo on ground

Airbus Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM) provide our customers with standard charts and processes enabling safe standard ground operations in any airport.

For operators who have the ambition to optimise their ground operations according to their specific needs, Airbus services is pleased to offer a range of tailored solutions which enables to assess and ensure the stability of any Airbus fleet worldwide under non-standard environments and procedures, thanks to the expertise of the Airbus Mass Properties team.

Applicability: Aeronautics

Airbus Aircraft Family: A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380



Optimisation of aircraft loading sequence taking into account stability constraints 

Aircraft operators may want to optimise aircraft loading sequences in order to ease and speed-up ground procedures. Based on the operators specific needs, Airbus offers to carry out a stability assessment related to the operators’ favourite loading sequences and provide any recommendation or amendment enabling to secure the stability of the aircraft.



Optimisation of maintenance tasks sequencing, taking into account stability constraints

Aircraft operators may want to optimise aircraft maintenance task sequencing in order to ease and speed-up maintenance procedures. Based on the operators specific needs, Airbus offers to carry out a stability assessment related to the operators’ favourite task sequencing and provide any recommendation or amendment enabling to secure the stability of the aircraft.



Stability check for specific ground friction coefficients

In extreme cases where aircraft stability is considered critical, aircraft operators may require tailored analyses in order to reduce any conservatism related to standard ground friction coefficients in a way to take any opportunity to minimise stabilisation actions (for example, by avoiding mooring). Provided the operator can demonstrate that a specific higher ground friction coefficient can be used in the airport where a fleet is operated, Airbus offers to investigate and leverage any opportunity to secure aircraft stability without minimum effort.



Specific stabilisation forces requirement

In the case external forces/for example mooring) is required to ensure aircraft stability in high wind conditions, the operators may want to use other means than the ones specified in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Airbus offers to specify the forces requirement to be applied on the nose and main landing gears in order to secure the stability of the aircraft with minimum effort. This service enables the operator to ensure the stability of their aircraft using the means which best fit their specific operational needs.



Other requests for tailored stability analysis

Airbus Services is pleased to consider any stability analysis request which is not specifically covered by Airbus Services catalogues.

Tailored service offers can be made according to the operators’ needs.

A350 aircraft on ground


  • Easier and faster aircraft loading with no detrimental impact on aircraft stability
  • Optimised maintenance tasks sequencing with no detrimental impact on aircraft stability
  • Opportunities to avoid aircraft mooring under very high winds
  • Opportunities to simplify mooring procedure under very high winds


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